Dol Ammad – Demo CD


The Dol Ammad demo CD of 2002. Jewel-case CD edition.

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Released in 2002, the Dol Ammad demo CD features 6 songs that were later re-recorded and included in the upcoming “Star Tales” CD. After an initial batch of home-burnt CDRs the demo was professionally pressed to 1000 hand-numbered and signed copies which are available here.


01. Eclipse (Corona of the Sun)
02. The Veil (Seven Face Danger)
03. Vortex 3003
04. Boxed Daylight (Part I)
05. Boxed Daylight (Part II)
06. The Hill of Hope




Eclipse (Corona Of The Sun)

Give Up Give In
Give Up To The Light
Respect And Trust
Your Forces Of The Mind

A Sun Descents
Into The Dark
And Through The Past
Its Island Castle Shines

I’ll Name You Paradise
So You Can Call Me Daylight
Corona Of The Sun
Awaits The Birth Of Myth

The Veil (Seven Face Danger)

Seven Face Danger
Cast Of Darkness
Revealed Her True Nature
Seven Face Danger

Forerunners Of Massacre
Horns For The Undead
Born Souls In A Blackened Cloud
Farewell To A Giant

Molesters Of Destiny
Cold Nights Of Tragedy
Formed Ocean Hailstorms
Horns For The Undead

Vortex 3003

Breathing The Fear
Only Oceans Can Experience
Drown In The Rain
Only Mountains Have Suffered

Who Denied To Be (Wise) ?

Weaving The Texture Of Karma
Harvest Your Internal Soil

Where The Universe Ends
Use Your Soul Energy

Glorious Skies Await
The End End Of This Journey
Victorious Visitor
To The Essence Of Life


Boxed Daylight

Huge Shadows Form In The Sky
Bolts Of Starlight Fall

Free Your Daylight

The Hill Of Hope

I Have Reached To The Hill Of Hope
Now I Welcome Universe

Fading Oceans And Legions Of Time
Now I Welcome Universe

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