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The COSMIC Bundle edition includes the Dol Ammad “Cosmic Gods: Episode I – Hyperspeed” Digipack CD, Limited Edition 180 gram Red Splatter 12'' Vinyl with digital download card, Fruit of The Loom 100% cotton T-Shirt, 36 x 56 cm Poster on 200gr paper and 2 x 1.5'' exclusive buttons.

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“Cosmic Gods: Episode I – Hyperspeed” is the third Dol Ammad album released in 2012 and is the first episode of the “Cosmic Gods” saga, , a concept that includes space battles, supernovas, galactic deceptions, star-gates and many more sci-fi fantasy tales. “Hyperspeed” displays a more aggressive sound for Dol Ammad with speed-metal songs, powerful electronics and intense melodies. The vocals are once again performed by a 12 member classical choir, while trusted guitarist Dim is shredding faster than ever before.

“Cosmic Gods: Episode I – Hyperspeed” features phenomenal artwork by Guangjian Huang and is released in Digipak CD and a limited edition 180gram Red splatter Vinyl LP including a digital download card. Check out the various available bundles in the shop and bombard your senses with an overdose of epic space metal.


01. Magus Invicta
02. Noctis Labyrinthus
03. Golden Phantasma
04. Titan Warriors
05. Xenocide
06. Stargate Pyramid
07. Hyperspeed
08. Supernova
09. Caravan Of Mars
10. Seeds Of Life






Magus Invicta

Lightspeed eternal
Magus invicta
Follow the path to utopia

Stellar volcano
Magus invicta
Battle to gather
The sands of the sun

Cosmic dust – Solar grasp
Hyper thrust – Lightspeed past
Primal force – Endless source
Rapid fire – Tidal spire

Noctis Labyrinthus

Fallen cathedral
The maze of the night
Fallen cathedral
The dreamer awakes

In its secret walls
Those who find
The sign of Noctis
Secret walls
Those will live eternal

Golden Phantasma

Molten core
Golden Phantasma

Titan Warriors

Titan warriors
Here we come in storms

Titan power
Madness sowing
Firestorm axis
Doomsday forging

Gods of power
They conquer all

Faster than light
We fly out of sight
Savage attack
They fall one by one


Planet crushing

Firestorm axis
Doomsday forging

Titan power
Madness sowing

Black hole screamers

Stargate Pyramid

Like a God it appears
Nectar flows
Calls them in
Stargate Pyramid

They all drink
They fall in ecstasy
They do not know the gate
Will bring them misery (The music)

They all dance
They sing in harmony
But now their leader hides
It is a mystery (The nectar)

Torture, Assasinate – It’s a trap
Stargate of massacre – It’s a trap


The prophecy of Hyperspeed
Hides in the stones of Mercury
Stand strong – Fight hard – Battle

Galactic force will be unleashed
The laws of starflight will be bent
Stand strong – Fight hard – Battle
Rage on

Force Magnetic – Titan
Navigating – Wormhole
Excavation – Found stone
War beginning – Rage on

Faster starships – Shockwave
Astrometric – Battles
Spectrum phasers – Solar
Terra launchers – Graveyard


Massive star – White dwarf
Black hole – The Supernova

Light interstellar
Outshines the galaxy
Shockwave immortal
Galactic progeny

Chaotic fusion
Collapsing gravity
Brightness dilating
Into infinity

Nuclear fusion
Gas and dust
Mass explosion
Core expelled


Caravan Of Mars

Caravan of Mars
Crawling in the sand
Mines of Phobos
Darkest mythos
Turns the wheel

Far from the Martian grasp
The Psychic appears
And holds a map
The miners cry

Then the moonquake starts
The orbital end
A brutal law
The miners die

The Seeds Of Life

Microbes and complex organisms
Where we came from

Water and all the elements
Where we came from

These are the seeds of life
Comets of cosmic ice

These are the seeds of life

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