Dol Ammad – Winds Of The Sun DIGITAL


The Dol Ammad EP “Winds Of The Sun”. Digital edition – 320 Kbps MP3 format.

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“Winds of the Sun” is a digital-only EP from Dol Ammad released in 2010. The main song “Winds of the Sun” is a space hymn dedicated to the memory of the great cosmologist Carl Sagan and features Dol Ammad’s second collaboration with singer DC Cooper (Silent Force, Royal Hunt).

The EP also features among other exclusive tracks a cover version of “Black Winter Day” – the classic song by melodic death metal band Amorphis.


01. Winds Of The Sun
02. Black Winter Day
03. Theeta Dominion
04. Aquatic Majesty (Choral Remix)
05. Birth Of A Dream






Winds Of The Sun

A magic dream
A new beginning
Sea and space in unity

Side by side
The new horizon
I hear angels call my name

Come with us

The key of time
The greater galaxies
Shapes and patterns all around

A sea of stars
A liquid universe
I hear angels call my name

Come with us
The winds of the sun
Fly with us
The winds of the sun

Andromeda and Poseidon
Gave their life to fantasy
Dolphins swim into Orion
Leo joins them in the sea
Virgo Hydra are now aligned
Endless quest cosmic design

Theeta Dominion

Union forever
Empire of the sea
Fortress of freedom
Empire of the sea
The ocean breathes life
Like never before
Kingdom of love
Now the balance restored

Aquatic Majesty (Choral Remix)

Hear now this tale of mystery
The slumber of our majesty
He was the ruler of the sea
But vanished in black abyss

Fallen star in sea’s embrace
I’ve seen your fear
I’ll fire your hope

No-one to navigate our souls
No-one to liquify blue storms
But all the creatures held their hope
Hear how this ancient tale unfolds

Fallen star out of this world
Return your dream
I’ll fire your hope
Turn your face to sea
Rise from misery

Try to believe oh my king
Aquatic majesty
Never, never leave us
Must return from darkness

Rise magic kingdom
Rise all my kingdom

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