Dol Kruug — Watch Me BD-R


The Dol Kruug home-made BD-R “Watch Me” with 10 video clips and 40 minute exclusive making-of extras. Includes signed photo from Thanasis and Jorgen and exclusive glow-in-the-dark button.

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Product Description

“Eat Me” is the debut Dol Kruug album, the third Lightbridge project. Dol Kruug is the dark side of Thanasis’ space metal experiments and is his most brutal and extreme project. Fusing space-tech death metal with industrial and dance rhythms, “Eat Me” is a disgustingly beautiful beast.

The album features 10 tracks with themes against factory farming, animal cruelty, social and ecological injustice and the evil human demons all fused through Thanasis’ love of Dadaism and self-sarcasm.

Various formats and bundles are available with the release of “Eat Me”. The album is released in a high quality Digipak CD with a poster-booklet. In addition a home-made Blu-Ray disc called “Watch Me” is released and includes video clips for all 10 songs of the album plus exclusive 40 minute making-of extras. Finally 2 different T-Shirt designs with front and back high quality screen printing are produced. All products feature the fantastic art of Marius Siergiejew.


01 Game Over Human
02 Mecha Orgy
03 Obey The Toad
04 Brain Lab
05 Eat Me
06 Vo Du Delagua
07 Psycho Stops for Tea
08 Alien Butcher Doctors
09 Ex Inferis
10 Sonic Diarrhea




Game Over Human

Scorch the rapists of earth
Melt their ignorant heads
Squeeze their hearts into juice and pulp
Force-feed them with themselves

Pack them all into cubes
Whiskers Lord will be glad

Cat food from their brains
Litter from their bones

Cat food

Mecha Orgy

Lick my bolts
Suck my guns
Milk my pods
Twist my nuts

Oil my frame
Split my tanks
War Machine

Obey The Toad

Stare in my eyes
Bright like the sun
Give me a kiss
Might be a prince

Follow my lead
Drink all my spit
Learn to obey
Learn to love me

Brain Lab

Welcome, sit here
Drink this frog spit
Stinks bad like me
Don’t cry, have fun!

Surgeon’s sweet touch
Makes pain poetry
There, now it’s out
Look, eyes still move

Eat Me

Zombies fall like meat rain
Unto the earth

They have got the munchies
Like starving pigs

Cosmic butcher black hole
Their origin

It is raining zombies

Humans running futile
With opened heads

Zombies can’t get over
The taste of flesh

Some men tried to nuke them
Became dessert

No brains left to pray for
Poor Human Race

Alien Butcher Doctors

Alien butcher doctors
Tend to make great husbands

Cyborgs need to cuddle
Status: Complicated

Robot orgy insects
Fun day at the Brain Lab

Sonic Diarrhea

Space death bacteria
Spawn of destruction
Black hole eruption

Soft zombie diapers
Only solution
Buy the big save pack

Blu-Ray Specifications

“Watch Me” is authored as a Region-free Blu-Ray disc and although most modern TVs and Blu-Ray players currently play all types of Region-free discs, the frame rate of the digital video can still be relevant in some cases.

NTSC Specifications:

59,94 fps
Progressive scan
1280×720 Resolution
H.264 Encoding Format
PCM Uncompressed Audio

NTSC Countries: USA, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and more. Check full list here.

PAL Specifications:

50,00 fps
Progressive scan
1280×720 Resolution
H.264 Encoding Format
PCM Uncompressed Audio

PAL Countries: Europe, Australia, Argentina, China, Cyprus, Dubai, Hong Kong, New Zealand and more. Check full list here.

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