Dol Theeta – The Universe Expands CD


The Dol Theeta debut album “The Universe Expands”. Digipack CD edition.

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“The Universe Expands” is the debut Dol Theeta album released in 2009. The album immerses the listener into a psychedelic journey, a cerebral exploration of our inner and outer cosmos. Retaining the characteristic space feel, Dol Theeta focus more on the atmosphere and soul of the listener to create dreamy, deep and hypnotic melodies.

“The Universe Expands” features stunning art from artist Werner Hornung and is released in a high quality 3-flap Digipack including a 16-page booklet.


01. Which Are You
02. Silver Air
03. Nighttime
04. Mud
05. In the Forest I Found
06. Something Called Tomorrow
07. Afterlife Crescendo
08. Every Goodbye
09. Goddess
10. And Through A Dream
11. The Universe Expands






Silver Air

Dreams of doors
A black road to
Understand me, I’m still there
Set your mind, I’m still there
Thinner, air’s getting thinner
Air’s getting thinner
No-one sees us now!

Fearless, we now fly fearless
We now fly fearless

Close your eyes and breathe
Silver Air set us free
Cross your fingers to the light
Burns so bright

Fearless, we now fly fearless
We now fly fearless

Don’t you want the truth?
The Suns won’t lie to you
Now burn your eyes and drink the light
Light of me!
Light of silver stars!


Nighttime flies like a space train
Whisper words within the powers of the dream
Scratching the surface of time
Seemingly forgotten that nobody cares

Nighttime flying in a dark rain
Whisper words within the powers of the dream
Scratching the surface of time
Suddenly my life becomes so meaningless

Nighttime flows in my gardens
Whisper words within the powers of the dream
Scratching the surface of time
With silence dead there’s no one to disturb your sleep


The crystal cave, still hides the clouds
Still hides my freedom

The raining maze, invites my soul
Invites my wisdom

The darkest sun, still blinds my heart
Still blinds my vision

The brightest black, still hides the truth
Still hides the vision

Fate made of skull
Breathe through the mud
Save me

The voice of Reason, flight into the night
The voice of Reason, staring at the door

The voice of Reason, flight into the night
The voice of Reason, breathe now through the mud

Something Called Tomorrow

There is something called tomorrow
Keep it free and safe from harm
It makes you dream and ends your sorrow
Lead them all to understand

There is something called tomorrow
Hear the voices paint it red
All those voices do not matter
Only those inside your head

Another day, another sorrow
Save me please a place for me…
Sails away…

Afterlife Crescendo

Is there anyone there?
When we are dead and gone
Who is leading us up to the light?
Take me there…

Soul… Birth… Hand… Show…
Go… Fly… New… Soul…

Time will bleed in darkness
Force the life out of the Sun
Be Gone Defenders!

Hearts will swim in madness
Who will dream the secrets?
Fly! Be Gone Defenders!

Who’s the one who spreads the
Tickets to a brand new
Start away from sorrow
Afterlife crescendo

I’m your last defender
Bow down and pray
To an invisible God
For every sun now

Take this hand will show you
Birth of new tomorrow
We shall fly like angels
Afterlife crescendo

When body fades
Don’t worry
We’ll speak through our souls
We’ll meet again

Light! There’s the light!
I feel again!


Goddess unexpected revelations

There is something in my soul

Goddess unexpected revelations

Learn to breathe now through your eyes

Goddess disrespected invitations

I can’t stop the dream of doors

Goddess disrespected invitations

Place your fate inside my eyes

The Universe Expands

The empire of dreams

The eternity of stars

The Universe Expands

The age of tomorrow

Father Sky

The Rain Dancers

If you see her – send a tree

If you see him – throw the key

If the body fades and doesn’t follow

Don’t worry…

We’ll meet again through our souls

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