Released on the 10th of August 2018, “Astroatlas” is the fourth full Dol Ammad album and the second and closing chapter of the “Cosmic Gods” space-metal saga.

“Astroatlas” feels a bit more diverse than “Hyperspeed”. Somehow more “exploratory” compared to the “pure power” that the first episode focused on.

Episode II features themes of epic space fights for the hidden artifact known as the “Astroatlas”, an artifact containing knowledge of cosmic magnitude. There are songs about a mysterious temple predicting these future wars, planet crushing meteor showers, the existential awakening of machines, biobombs, cryo-travel and more.

I feel that “Hyperspeed” and “Astroatlas” complement each other perfectly. Like two brothers, the two episodes were meant to be together. They were composed and some parts were even recorded during the same period of time.

This is my first full album that will have a digital-only release. Current financial struggles, paired with the undeniable global shift towards the digital streaming of music, make physical formats not a viable option for my releases anymore.

Astroatlas Lineup

Thanasis Lightbridge
Synthesizers and Drums

J. Demian
Guitar and Bass

Anila Teli
Soprano voice

Kortessa Tsifodimou
Soprano voice

Melina Paschalidou
Soprano voice

Dimitra Athanasatou
Alto voice

Sophia Patsi
Alto voice

Athanasia Thomopoulou
Alto voice

Themis Mpasdekis
Tenor voice

Alex Barbas
Tenor voice

Asterios Tsetsilas
Tenor voice

Thanasis Pavlou
Bass voice

Greg Perialas
Bass voice

Kyriakos Chouvardas
Bass voice

Astroatlas Credits

Dol Ammad - "Cosmic Gods: Episode II – Astroatlas"
Released on the 10th of August 2018 by Lightbridge Music.
Copyright © 2018 Thanasis Lightbridge.

All music and lyrics by Thanasis Lightbridge.
Produced by Thanasis Lightbridge.
Mixed and mastered by Thanasis Lightbridge and Argy Stream at the Lightbridge Studio Thessaloniki, Greece.

Album artwork by Pedro Sena – Lordigan.

“Silent Arrival at the Alpha Leonis Lighthouse” features a sample from the ESTEC – EMF Recording Of Mars Rover. Credit: Peter Kirn/CDM/ESA CC BY-SA.