All our music streaming at

All our music streaming at

Our full albums are now available for streaming in the great music site Bandcamp!

Here is the Dol Ammad page:

and here is the Dol Theeta page:

**UPDATE 06/03/16** and here is the Dol Kruug page:

I think this is big news. I always hated 30 second samples. I also hated the way MySpace used to be the landing page for all music discoveries. Sorry MySpace but the idea of trying to catch a tiny listen of a band through tons of glittering, blinking images, audio and video players auto-playing without my permission and other ugly code disasters is not my cup of tea.

Well now with beautifully minimal Bandcamp you can truly get the whole picture of our music and if you like what you hear please support our future endeavors by buying downloads of your choice of 320k mp3 or FLAC (or just about any other format you could possibly desire) or even more by buying our CDs. All the CDs include immediate downloads of the album in your choice of formats again.

Thank you for your support and I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Space on!

Max Mathews – RIP

Max Mathews – RIP

One of the pioneers in computer music, Max Mathews died last week in the age of 84. Max is considered the father of digital synthesis and a great explorer in computer innovations. He developed “MUSIC” the first computer program for sound synthesis, he arranged the first synthesized voice with “DAISY BELL” making computers talk for the first time and also experimented with gestural controllers way before Wiis and Kinects were mainstream devices. Rest in peace mr Mathews, your ideas and work will live forever.


Check out more about Max Mathews in Wikipedia.

Photo by Rainer Kohlberger (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Happy Angry-Birds Easter

Happy Angry-Birds Easter

The social-economic state that we experience here in Greece the last months led my girlfriend and I to dye our easter eggs as “Angry Birds”. I for one feel like an “angry bird” all the time in my everyday life in Greece having to fight for even the simplest thing, witnessing amazing injustice and inequalities, worrying what the future will bring…

Let’s hope that we all get angry, wake up from the slumber that they enforce us and break the constructions of economic slavery that is upon us. Create, don’t consume. Happy Easter.

Re-discovering Vinyl

Re-discovering Vinyl

I recently re-discovered my love for vinyl records! I bought a shinny new limited edition ceramic white turntable and after a 3000 CD collection I am starting to buy vinyl again. My last time was somewhere in the early 90’s I think. Boy! what an amazing experience vinyl records are… Huge artwork, full sound spectrum, the fact that you have to turn the sides (so pay attention to the music, it’s not just for background use :P) and also the amazing visual feedback that you have with the spinning record in front of you. It’s like you can “see” the music sing for you!

Re-discovering vinyl

And when you add a little E-va (from Wall-e) on top of the spinning record, the experience of watching my cat’s Batman eyes amazed by this marvelous spinning music thing is priceless! Hmmm… anybody out there interested for Dol Ammad / Dol Theeta vinyl releases?

Lightbridge – “Centipede” Music for a short film

Lightbridge – “Centipede” Music for a short film

Here is a nice freebie for our friends who subscribe to the Lightbridge Newsletter. The song “Centipede” is a remix of the music I composed for the short film “Live” as a practice in the Nikos Kypourgos Film Music Seminar which took place in 2010 in the Philippos Nakas Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

This student short film is about a bomb threat in a live TV show, it was directed by Paris Grigorakis and written by Lefteris Dimitriou. The film was produced by Fotis Simeonidis for the Faculty of Arts – Film Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

It was my first attempt to score for a film, I was excited to do this project and I hope you like it!

Download the free mp3 by subscribing to our Newsletter.

Cheers 🙂


Autosleep Music Timer – promo video

Autosleep Music Timer – promo video

Here is a promo video I produced for one of my favorite apps for the iphone.

Autosleep Music Timer is an app developed by our current webmaster Charilaos Kalogirou and the video features Dol Ammad music and myself performing high pitched snoring and cult-announcer vocals!


Space-cheers to our production team:

Charilaos – the Developer
Vasilis – the Lab Manager
Eva – the Location and Props Producer
Vasiliki – the co-Director


Check Autosleep Music Timer on the Apple App Store