Endorsement by Hohner

Endorsement by Hohner

One of the oldest and greatest music instrument manufacturers in the world, the German company Hohner, has honored me and my music with an endorsement!

Founded in 1857 and based in Germany, Hohner is mainly known for their accordions and melodicas but also make great other instruments like guitars, recorders and more. They have a great reputation for high class manufacturing and production and their products are used by countless professional artists around the world.

Yesterday I received two instruments from Hohner, one of which is an ultra sexy limited edition melodica! It is a Piano 32 Jubilee 50th Anniversary model and with its black and red keys looks absolutely stunning!

I will prepare photos with me and these instruments and will send them over to Hohner to be included in their worldwide promotion plan and also to you so you can enjoy mr Lightbridge rocking with his new toys!

I want to thank my good friend Chrystof Niederwieser from Hohner Germany who made this endorsement a reality. I am really honored!

Farewell to Michael Baker

Farewell to Michael Baker

One of the most charismatic and unique singers in the metal world, Michael Baker of Shadow Gallery passed away in the 29th of October due to heart attack.

Shadow Gallery, one of the greatest music bands, was characterized by Michael’s crystalline voice and has always been a big influence to my music.

My condolences to his family and band members.

Michael you will live forever through your amazing music. Thank you for all.

May you rest in peace through your journey to the stars…

The Kings of Space Metal Opera

The Kings of Space Metal Opera

Hello friends, Thanasis here. First of all I’d like to wish you all the best for the New Year. May it be a creative, peaceful and healthy year for us all.

I feel that I must apologize since my initial estimate and promise to release Dol Theeta in 2007 got blown away by life’s beautiful and frustrating way of always messing up with your plans and targets. The reasons for my delay are that we suffered a big studio crash on October-November 2007 which threatened to destroy some recorded material. Thankfully after weeks of painful restoration methods we salvaged 100% of the material and were back on track.

But bad luck had another card on its sleeve. On December my father had an accident which made him unable to walk for 2 months. Thankfully now he is better and able to walk again but this incident kept me away from music as I had to take care of him and his work.

Well now that all this negativity is behind me, I am feeling a lot stronger and envision a great 2008 for me and my music worlds. I will open my big mouth again (because I don’t believe in superstitions) and will predict that I will release 3 CDs in 2008. The first one will be this March 2008 and it will be a Dol Theeta single from the upcoming album which will appear in one or two months later. The single will also feature our first ever video clip and I am really excited how this will turn out.

I am thrilled about Dol Theeta! I didn’t predict that it would be such a “deep” project when I first conceived it some years ago. The album is looking and sounding great and I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts and feelings regarding it. It is a unique experience and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The long awaited interview I did at the amazing Avantgarde – Metal webzine is online at AGM’s first print edition of Avantgarde Metal Magazine, a huge 125 pages issue of innovative metal paradise! Be sure to check it out here and download the pdf for free. It was a great interview with lots of interesting subjects so be sure to check it out and find lots of more cool stuff about Dol Theeta and well, me!

Finally, I would like to announce that together with Stamatis and Joanna (our great webmasters from Symisun) we are preparing a whole new experience for my music worlds on the web. So probably when we’ll meet again online, it will be under a very different but also very beautiful new cyber-house. Can’t wait!

Thank you all for your support and patience.

Reviews and Electro-Metal special

Reviews and Electro-Metal special

Lots of great Reviews for the Dol Ammad music keep coming in. Check out the latest reviews for “Ocean Dynamics” from iO Pages (in Dutch), Metabullet (in Spanish), DPRP, Prognaut, Planeta Rock (in Spanish), AMP Magazine, Disagreement and the latest “Star Tales” reviews from Heavy Metal Universe and Avantgarde Metal.

The amazing Avantgarde Metal webzine apart from the scheduled mega-interview with Thanasis Lightbridge being prepared as we speak, has recently published a very interesting Electro Metal Special feature where in its first part it delves into the early beginnings of the electronic/industrial scene and the beginning of avant-garde into metal. Check it out!

Reviews and Electro-Metal special


I would like to present you with a great new webzine – community I have recently discovered (or was discovered by – to be more correct). It is the Avantgarde Metal community at www.avantgarde-metal.com and it is the perfect haven for all of us wanting our metal a little “different” than the rest.

To quote the website itself:

“This website is dedicated to the pioneers of metal, to those bands and musicians who incorporate new and innovative elements into metal, who break conventions, tear down walls, violate borders. They build new worlds. They surprise.”

“Avantgarde-Metal was created to provide a home for all those metal bands that try out new things and create their own, individual paths. It was created for everybody who is bored with the petrified spiderwebs of cliché, commerce and convention.”

Dol Ammad have already received a rave review at Avantgarde Metal and a major interview between us is currently being prepared and arranged to appear in the website soon.

Dol Ammad declare their full support on this innovative webzine and are honoured to be on board its music-adventure-seeking spaceship!

Space on!