Star Tales 10 Years Anniversary

Star Tales 10 Years Anniversary

It’s been 10 years since the release of Star Tales. Can you believe it? Check out my latest Spacecast #10 with some unseen footage I discovered hidden in a dusty box in the attic.

I surely don’t remember who this long-haired guy is and how he evolved into that glasses-collecting weirdo.

Lightbridge 10 years later

“Star Tales” is a very colorful album, filled with sounds and ideas.

“Star Tales” followed the 2 Dol Ammad demo CDs back in 2001 and 2002 who had the “Eclipse”, “Vortex 3003”, “The Hill of Hope” and the “Boxed Daylight” songs.

Dol Ammad demos

Of course we re-recorded all those songs and with another 6 additions ended with a 12 track album with so many diverse sounds and feelings as the colors on its cover!

Fractal artist Brian Exton covered with an excellent way my trippy feelings for music-making back then. I adore color in sci-fi and prefer it to the clinic blue, desaturated J.J. Abrams look but I must admit that I might have gone a little too rainbow-unicorn-puke territories with “Star Tales”:P I STILL DON’T REGRET ANYTHING!

The choir recordings took place under very serious and strict conditions.

Dol Ammad - "Star Tales" choir madness

Male choir

Thank you Panos, Alexandros, Themis, Petros, Giannis, Kyriakos, Zoe, Vicky, Marietta, Alexandra, Maria, Kortessa, Alex, Jimmy, Nick, all the team at Gate studio and my trusty co-producer mr Argy Stream. It is an honor to have worked with all of you.

Dol Ammad - "Star Tales" choir madness

Female choir

“Star Tales” was my first contact with the music industry and through it I have learned a lot. Despite our ill-fated relationship with Black Lotus Records, who released the album by the end of November 2004, I’d like to thank George and Andreas for trusting me and for helping in my first steps.

“Star Tales” symbolizes freedom and hope for me. Those were some very carefree years full of ambition and big dreams.

My biggest dream and idea back in 2004 was to create three “Dol” projects that will approach my hybrid love of metal and electronics through 3 different perspectives. Check out the name of this song if you don’t believe me:

This dream eventually did come true and after ten years I have now 8 releases with my three projects that make me very proud.

Star Tales 10 Years albums

Unfortunately, as I also mention in the Spacecast, music is one of the few professions that becomes less and less viable through the years despite your progress, evolution and hard work. The last years it gets harder and harder to sustain myself (living in the tax ridden austerity hell that Greece has become).

Feeling a little down

I am very troubled about what my next steps should be. I have so many new ideas but I am afraid to make any plans. Of course as “Mission Butterfly” reminded me, “Dreams can’t stop”!

That is why I believe I will prevail over this obstacle and eventually bring all my mad space music ideas into existence!

Lightbridge and Batman in space-synth bliss!

I would like to thank you all for your awesome support through the years and wish all the best for the new year 2015. Cheers and Space On for another 10 years of music adventures!

This fruit knows the truth

This fruit knows the truth

I was casually browsing through the fruit and veggies section at a huge local super market warehouse (selling some not-so-local products) yesterday and I found this strange tiny little pineapple ordering me to do the most extraordinary thing:

Tiny Pineapple - Eat me!

I prefer to buy more local products but I couldn’t resist the power of this simple message…

World Oceans Day 2014

World Oceans Day 2014

Since 2008 the 8th of June is officially celebrated as the World Oceans Day. A reminder of the wondrous magic of the seas but also of the big problems that threaten marine life and our planet every day. Living in such a sea based country as Greece, the sea has always been a great inspiration for me and my music.


photo credit: jessleecuizon via photopin cc

My second Dol Ammad album Ocean Dynamics was inspired by the powers and beauty of the oceans.

Liquid desert calling me
To the bottom of the sea
Leave your world and you will see
A new life of blue and peace

A little trivia: The sea sound in the beginning of the above “Liquid Desert” song is not a sound recording but a synthesized sound design. ­čśŤ


photo credit: williamcho via photopin cc

The Oceans provide us with most of the oxygen that we breathe. They regulate the climate and feed us. Yet over-consumption of fish and marine pollution pose serious threats to the planet’s well-being.

Head over to to learn all about this special day and how you can become involved.

Beach in Sharm el-Naga03

Check out this TED speech about the Plastic Pollution Coalition:

We should all rethink our consumption habits and question our true needs into how we can cover them using sustainable resources and earth friendly materials.


Another type of problem regarding the seas that we currently face in Greece, is a new proposed legislation by our government that will allow blind commercial exploitation of our beautiful shorelines. This legislation removes the right of access to the seashore, allows the building of permanent structures for private profit and allows many more disastrous activities to the Greek coastlines.

If you have 1 minute please sign this petition to stop this disastrous legislation.

This same destructive practices took place in Spain with 75% of the Spanish coast being urbanized. Check the warning letter that the head of WWF Spain sent over to the Greek Ministers regarding this matter.

Sea turtle

photo credit: coda via photopin cc

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any other ways we can both celebrate the beauty and also raise awareness for the problems that the oceans face today. Thank you.

Farewell to H.R. Giger

Farewell to H.R. Giger

I was just informed that the nightmare master H.R. Giger has died on the 12th of May after an accident he had falling down some stairs. He was 74 years old.

I am shocked and sad that this genius artist is no longer within us. Mostly known for his work on movies like Alien, Poltergeist and Species, Giger has bestowed upon the world a huge legacy of dark art.

HR Giger

He has been a great inspiration on my work and especially in Dol Kruug. I also can’t forget the impact the game Dark Seed had on me as a kid. His surreal, monochromatic sculptures and dreamscapes will haunt us forever.

Birth machine

Here is his personal website:

(Featured image By Matthias Belz (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

(Artwork image By

Space friends keep each other warm

Space friends keep each other warm

A great surprise awaited me while I opened my PO Box yesterday. My great friend Cedric sent me a lovely fleece blanket that displays our beloved video game hero Sonic the Hedgehog!

The blanket couldn’t have arrived at a better time, since it has been rather chilly lately especially during the nights and it has helped me concentrate better with my urgent task of completing the Dol Kruug release. The Sonic design is outstanding and it re-triggers my desire to wonder where Sega will take their franchise with the upcoming Sonic Boom game.

Space friends keep each other warm

Cedric has an excellent French metal webzine called Magic Fire Music and a cat named Raoul. Thank you very much my friend, I wish all the best for the new year to you, Angelique and your lovely fur-ball. Gotta go before Batman calls dibs on the blanket again ­čśŤ