Released in 2012, “Hyperspeed” feels as my most complete Dol Ammad record clearly defining the emotions I want to express with this project. Having released 2 Dol Theeta CDs and since our previous Dol Ammad CD came out way back in 2006, I had tons of inner energy that I wanted to unlock. As I started exploring my ideas and developing the material I quickly realized that this will be a 2-part release under the same concept as I had gathered way too much material for one album to produce.

The concept behind Cosmic Gods is that of the existence of two hidden powers in the universe and the conflicting battles between various space tribes in their struggle to acquire them and eventually become the…(insert epic voice here)…GODS OF THE COSMOS!

The first power is that of “Hyperspeed” and it is hidden in Mercurian stones. The album features also warriors from Titan attacking and annihilating enemy races and planets (Titan Warriors / Xenocide), an immortal magician diving into the molten core of the Sun (Magus Invicta), a tribe of Phobos miners seeing an apparition informing them of their imminent death (Caravan of Mars) and much more happy space madness.

“Hyperspeed” is a milestone of epic electro metal and gives you hymn by hymn a whole universe of majestic choirs, futuristic synthesizers, unforgettable hit melodies, brilliant arrangements and brutal, sophisticated metal sounds. My personal favorite for the best AGM album of the year 2012.
Avantgarde Metal

Hyperspeed Lineup

Thanasis Lightbridge
Synthesizers and Drums

Guitar and Bass

Anila Teli
Soprano voice

Kortessa Tsifodimou
Soprano voice

Melina Paschalidou
Soprano voice

Dimitra Athanasatou
Alto voice

Sophia Patsi
Alto voice

Athanasia Thomopoulou
Alto voice

Themis Mpasdekis
Tenor voice

Alex Barbas
Tenor voice

Asterios Tsetsilas
Tenor voice

Thanasis Pavlou
Bass voice

Greg Perialas
Bass voice

Kyriakos Chouvardas
Bass voice

Hyperspeed Credits

Dol Ammad - "Cosmic Gods: Episode I – Hyperspeed"
Released on the 28th of March 2012 by electronicARTmetal Records.
Copyright © 2012 Thanasis Lightbridge.

All music and lyrics by Thanasis Lightbridge.
Produced by Thanasis Lightbridge.
Mixed and mastered by Thanasis Lightbridge and Argy Stream at the Lightbridge Studio Thessaloniki, Greece.

Album artwork by Guangjian Huang.