Dol Theeta - Monad

"Monad" is my mid-life autobiography and the result of extreme introspection. The general concept of the album revolves around the potential power of the unit. The power of one.

"Monad" celebrates the victories and achievements of singularity but also contemplates the dire effects of loneliness and isolation. The eternal struggle of light and darkness. Balancing the concepts of life and death inside oneself. 

"Monad" was a very hard album to make. My personal mental struggles that led to the creation and introspective concept behind the album, combined with the global pandemic had a very bad effect on me.  It took me 4 years to complete "Monad" and it has exhausted me.  At the same time I am very proud of the final result and consider "Monad" the pinnacle of my music creations so far.

Dol Theeta - "Enchanted"


“Enchanted” represents my love of art and music. My initial encounter with synthesizers and technology. It is my colorful lighthouse of hope in a depressive gray world.

Dol Theeta - "Monolith"


“Monolith” is the second single out of "Monad" and represents the project of Dol Ammad for me. A cosmic transmission of my devotion to technology and science fiction while also wondering how this project will evolve in the future.

Dol Theeta - "We Die Alone"

We Die Alone

“We Die Alone” represents my days of full blown pessimism and total nihilism. Believing in nothing is the victory of darkness and I feel this is one the most powerful songs I have ever created.

Monad Lineup

Thanasis Lightbridge
Synthesizers and Drums

Guitar and Bass

Monad Credits

Dol Theeta - "Monad"
Released on the 10th of June 2022 by Lightbridge Music
Copyright © 2022 Thanasis Lightbridge

All music and lyrics by Thanasis Lightbridge

Produced, mixed and mastered by Thanasis Lightbridge
at the Lightbridge Studio in Thessaloniki, Greece between 2018 - 2022

Artwork and photography by Thanasis Lightbridge