Released only in digital format in 2010, “Winds Of The Sun” is a special EP featuring 5 very diverse songs. The highlight of the EP is of course the self-titled single “Winds Of The Sun” which was the second song we recorded with DC Cooper when he was in my studio doing his guest vocals in “Ocean Dynamics”. After doing a classic power/speed cooperation in “Aquatic Majesty”, I wanted to work with the amazingly emotional aspects of DC Cooper’s voice so I composed this cosmic ballad that served also as a tribute to my greatest hero, Carl Sagan.

The EP features remixes and also a cover version of Amorphis’ “Black Winter Day”, a song (and an album – “Tales From the Thousand Lakes”) that was a great inspiration when I was starting to discover more extreme and unorthodox structures in metal music. For various reasons and although only digital, “Winds Of The Sun” gave me a very hard time trying to release it. Both the legal aspects needed for doing my first cover song and other crappy stuff in my life slowed me down and thus I am left with a kind of a bitter-sweet taste every time I think about it.

New age metal? Most likely. “Winds Of The Sun” is certainly an epically dreamy and spacey melody, which simply sits in your head.

Winds Of The Sun Lineup

Thanasis Lightbridge
Synthesizers and Drums in all songs except "Black Winter Day"

DC Cooper
Lead vocals in "Winds Of The Sun"

Additional lead vocals

Alex Holzwarth
Drums in "Black Winter Day"

Guitar and Bass

Mary Palaska
Soprano voice

Kortessa Tsifodimou
Soprano voice

Alexandra Voulgari
Soprano voice

Vicky Alexaki
Alto voice

Sophia Patsi
Alto voice

Maria Stolaki
Alto voice

Ntina Strani
Alto voice

Themis Mpasdekis
Tenor voice

Alex Barbas
Tenor voice

Panos Iampoultakis
Tenor voice

Anestis Papageorgiou
Tenor voice

Petros Moraitis
Bass voice

Yiannis Tsalouhidis
Bass voice

Kyriakos Chouvardas
Bass voice

Winds of the Sun Credits

Dol Ammad - "Winds of the Sun"
Released on the 22nd of September 2010 by electronicARTmetal Records.
Copyright © 2010 Thanasis Lightbridge.

All music and lyrics by Thanasis Lightbridge except cover of
"Black Winter Day" written by Kasper Fredrik Maartenson.

Produced by Thanasis Lightbridge.
Mixed and mastered by Thanasis Lightbridge and Argy Stream at the Lightbridge Studio Thessaloniki, Greece.

Album artwork by Andrew Ostin.