The Obsidian Tyrant

"The Obsidian Tyrant" is a massive Dol Ammad opus that took me 9 months to create. It is a story of revolution while also examining the archetypal father-son conflict.  It is released on the 14th of June 2024.

You can check more details about the track in my YouTube video:

The Obsidian Tyrant Credits

Dol Ammad - "The Obsidian Tyrant"
Released on the 14th of June 2024 by Lightbridge Music.
Copyright © 2024 Thanasis Lightbridge.

All music and lyrics by Thanasis Lightbridge.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Thanasis Lightbridge.

Guitar and Bass recordings by J. Demian
Choir recordings by the Dol Ammad "Callisto" choir featuring Kortessa Tsifodimou and Alexandros Delialis