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I would like to present you with a great new webzine – community I have recently discovered (or was discovered by – to be more correct). It is the Avantgarde Metal community at www.avantgarde-metal.com and it is the perfect haven for all of us wanting our metal a little “different” than the rest.

To quote the website itself:

“This website is dedicated to the pioneers of metal, to those bands and musicians who incorporate new and innovative elements into metal, who break conventions, tear down walls, violate borders. They build new worlds. They surprise.”

“Avantgarde-Metal was created to provide a home for all those metal bands that try out new things and create their own, individual paths. It was created for everybody who is bored with the petrified spiderwebs of cliché, commerce and convention.”

Dol Ammad have already received a rave review at Avantgarde Metal and a major interview between us is currently being prepared and arranged to appear in the website soon.

Dol Ammad declare their full support on this innovative webzine and are honoured to be on board its music-adventure-seeking spaceship!

Space on!

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