So yes, I decided to upload my full albums as videos on YouTube.

Check out the first full albums I have uploaded here:


If you enjoy listening to full albums on YouTube, remember that since I don’t run any ads and since the YouTube streaming royalty is ridiculously low (check out this report from Digital Music News), please consider supporting the music by buying the albums from Bandcamp or maybe check out this cool service called Buy me a Coffee.

Whatever you do thank you very much for your support!

I am uploading the rest of my albums as well, so stay tuned for that.

Also I will get back with news regarding new Dol Theeta music and also what is hiding under that Sonic the Hedgehog blanket.

Stay cosmic and space on!

About Cosmic Gods and Pondering by the Sea – Spacecast 14

About Cosmic Gods and Pondering by the Sea – Spacecast 14

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Musicians appearing in the Soprano recording clip:
Anila Teli, Kortessa Tsifodimou, Melina Paschalidou

Astroatlas artwork by Pedro Sena – Lordigan

Hyperspeed artwork by Guangjian Huang

The Lightbridge shop has transitioned fully to Bandcamp

The Lightbridge shop has transitioned fully to Bandcamp

My shop has now fully transitioned to Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is a very artist-friendly service and you can find most of our stuff there.

The last two days I have been working to remove the e-shop platform and all the code I had installed in this website. (Oh how easy it is to delete months of work…)

This was one of my major new decisions regarding my plan to focus more on actual music-making and less on accounting and web-design.

There in another major decision I have to make towards this plan, but I need a little more time to process it…


They killed my favourite DAW! RIP Cakewalk…

They killed my favourite DAW! RIP Cakewalk…

Gibson recently acquired Cakewalk and just announced that they are pulling the plug.

Cakewalk software was my first experience in sequencing and music production and for the last 30 years they have been innovating with what I felt was the best DAW in the Windows platform. The company was working on a Mac version which I was waiting for years. 🙁

Check out what MIDI Sequencing looked and sounded like back in the DOS era:

And what Sonar’s last iteration looked like:

I have used Cakewalk Pro Audio and Sonar on all early Dol Ammad and Dol Theeta albums like “Star Tales”, “Ocean Dynamics” and “The Universe Expands”.

I am so sad that we will not see a further development of the platform. I wish all the best to the people who were involved in Cakewalk and who are affected by this. Thank you for your great product over the years.