Dol Ammad choir recordings – Bass day 1

by | Sep 22, 2011 | Dol Ammad

Dol Ammad - Hyperspeed recordings (Basses)

And finally the BIG GUNS arrived at the studio the other day and nailed the bass frequencies of the Dol Ammad choir puzzle for “Hyperspeed”. Joining old friend Kyriakos Chouvardas were great new friends Greg Pyrialas and Thanassis Pavlou.

The result? Deep, sub-woofer-trembling, hell-freezing bass madness that as you can see I enjoyed a lot in my control room:

Dol Ammad choir recordings - Bass day 1

The first wave of choir recordings is complete and I am amazed by the result! Awesome, epic, bombastic choirs to fill my music for “Hyperspeed”.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my Newsletter since I will send exclusive audio samples from the recordings!

Dol Ammad choir recordings - Bass day 1

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