Dol Ammad – “Ghost in the Shell: Reincarnation”

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Dol Ammad

This is a cover version of the amazing soundtrack by Kenji Kawai for the legendary 1995 anime film “Ghost in the Shell”.

The haunting opening theme song “Making of Cyborg” is reprised again in the end of the original soundtrack in the song “Reincarnation”. The song is a wedding chant in ancient Japanese and combined with the film’s visuals gives me goosebumps and has always been extremely inspiring.

The Dol Ammad choir recordings took place back in 2017 together with the “Duel of the Fates” cover and a few extra soundtracks that we recorded and we may release in the future.

Dol Ammad – “Ghost in the Shell: Reincarnation” is available now through all major streaming platforms.

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  1. SamSmith


    Any news on a new Dol Ammad album?

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      Hey Sam thank you for your comment! I am currently working on a “per-song” basis for all my projects in parallel instead of working on a single album for a single project. I expressed my new plans a bit in my video:

      I just released the new Dol Kruug track called “Why?”. Next month there is a new project announcement and after that I am preparing to release new Dol Ammad music. Rest assured I have some great ideas for new Dol Ammad tracks that I can’t wait to release.

      Thank you for your support and patience! Space On


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