Dol Ammad – Omniversal God

by | Aug 2, 2013 | Dol Ammad

WOT?! You didn’t see that coming, did you? Well loyal blog readers did read my announcement on Monday and since loyalty should be rewarded here is free bonus track to all my Newsletter subscribed friends.

Dol Ammad - Omniversal God

“Omniversal God” is derived from an outtake from the “Hyperspeed” sessions and I was keeping it hidden in my drawers for some time. I’d like to thank artist David Winnen who kindly offered his artwork for the cover of the track and also the video I’ve put together.

I hope you enjoy it, see you later for more!

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Why I created Dol Ammad!

Why I created Dol Ammad!

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  1. Angel Martin

    awesomeee!! why you dont add to the final work … or add to the new work!! plus the art is great!!! mr lightbridge you maje it again!!!

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      Hey Angel! It was a separate track that didn’t make it into the final album plus it wouldn’t fit the Episode II album coming up. So I decided to keep it as a bonus track and give it away ☺ I hope you are fine my friend and space on!

      • Angel Martin

        thats right thanks to give us free, my friend i wish u the best for the new coming albums cosmic god II, and the dark proyect, dol theeta … too much work!!! keep relax in the sea my friend cause you work is awesome
        ps HI to all the dol team: Kortessa (wonderfull voice making the ajna chakra explodes to infinite) and Dim (skull breaker riff)

  2. Thanasis Lightbridge

    You are welcome Angel! And I will pass the word to the rest of the crew, thanx 🙂 All my chakras are indeed exploding recently while I work on my darkest music yet for the new Dol project! Stay Cosmic my friend.


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