Dol Kruug – “Why?”

by | May 15, 2023 | Dol Kruug

The new Dol Kruug track is released and is called “Why?”.

“Why?” is a frantic industrial and somewhat dancey track that feels like an explosive slap in the face.

It is inspired by the “Why me?”, “Why now?”, “Why this?”, “Why that?” questions that we ask directly to our cosmic overlords.

I have explained some of my thinking behind “Why?” in my “The Ultimate Question is Why?” video.

You can get the track on our Bandcamp shop where you can also find these “Why?” T-Shirts I have prepared.

Thank you and Space On!

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The Ultimate Question is Why?

The Ultimate Question is Why?

So after exactly 9 years I have produced a new Dol Kruug track called “Why?”. It was a cathartic experience to work on new Dol Kruug material again and in this new YouTube video I explain my thoughts regarding the inspiration for the track.


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