Dol Theeta “Keep Deep” announced

by | May 17, 2013 | Dol Theeta

Dol Theeta - Keep Deep

The time has come to announce my upcoming new release! We are working on a new Dol Theeta EP entitled “Keep Deep” which will feature the following 3 new Dol Theeta songs:

1. Keep Deep
2. The Universe Expands (The Big Bang)
3. Flow My Tears

The amazing artwork was done once again by the phenomenal Werner Hornung who was kind enough to honor us with his work. Thank you Werner from the heart!

We are currently in the mixing process and the EP will be released in digital form this June. I am very glad to annouce that we are also preparing music videos for ALL of the 3 new songs! So lots of new stuff coming up, stay in touch for details and please spread the news! Thank you all 🙂

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  1. Eva

    can’t wait for the new release!
    and what an inspired art.
    Thanasis “keep deep” but also keep up with excellent music and posts
    kisses to Batman

  2. Kinetic

    Awesome !

    Cannot wait (sorry I’m late) :p

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      More info on Keep Deep coming up on the next Spacecast this Friday. Space on!


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