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by | May 22, 2012 | Dol Ammad

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There are bedroom projects and there are bedroom projects, I can tell you that. Even though the place where a musician, composer or artist works is never to define the quality of his work, metal-heads are sort of fed up with shitty releases by crappy pseudo-bands gathering in one of the creeps’ nest. Dol Ammad appears different, and I’m not saying it’s a fact this is a complete amateur project, on the contrary; I find it quite professional, yet it ain’t the kind of act you’ll see on the road plus ‘tis absolutely certain the use of technology on “Cosmic Gods Episode I: Hyperspeed” is vast.

Thanasis Lightbridge, the man behind DA, seems to be precisely the kind of man who would remain indoors for weeks, you just need to take a glance to the video clips he releases to prove it, and based on what I could hear on his latest album, it’s obvious he has taken well advantage of that kind of time.

Now, The Metal Archives have classified this act as progressive/symphonic/operatic metal with electronic music influences, but if you ask me, that says little about what is to be heard here. Meaning? Taking that classification as true, first thing that came to my mind was another generic symphonic power metal band, perhaps with some Nintendo-like samples every now and then. I was very, very far from the truth.

First, the main riffing element here is raw shredding rather than loosely melodic figures, providing both that lovely feeling of high speed and the toughness required for it to qualify. Second, riffs are not exactly the central resource that the songwriting is based on, it’s more like a ground which a futuristic orchestration lies on, encompassing a 12-voice choir, symphonic keyboard arrangements, and yes, electronic samples and atmospheres which are fully integrated into the music. Finally, one interesting highlight here’s there ain’t such thing as lead vocals. The choir itself is the only ones you’re gonna hear, and their role has more to do with being another element in the whole thickly knitted web of lines than with a leading one.

Is this beast flawless? Not quite. I don’t know about you, but personally I’m always expecting some catchiness in my metal for it to be somewhat memorable, and given the ethereal nature of “CGEI-H”, that effect is almost impossible to find. Make no mistake; there are memorable moments, but nothing to sing along to, which is a damn shame.

All in all, “Cosmic Gods Episode I: Hyperspeed” makes pretty enjoyable listening. How long will it remain in your own personal playlist? That, my friend, is completely up to you. In my case, I always feel like some sci-fi neo-classical stuff. Electronic metal for everyone!


By Global Domination

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