HeavyLaw Ocean Dynamics Streaming

by | Oct 22, 2006 | Dol Ammad

Dol Ammad - "Ocean Dynamics"

The positive reviews for “Ocean Dynamics” are starting to pour in and we’ll soon update the reviews section of the Dol Ammad website.

One of the best French webzines, HeavyLaw is revamped and updated and features a great review of “Ocean Dynamics”. What is even greater though is that Dol Ammad have booked to present the 2nd album through the streaming feature of this webzine on Sunday the 12th of November. When you tune in the full album will be streamed by Heavy Law all day long! Check out HeavyLaw at www.heavylaw.com and don’t forget to set your alarm clocks to 12/11/06 for the full “Ocean Dynamics” experience. Thanks a lot to Antoine Mayer for this opportunity!

Dol Ammad and Electronicartmetal Records are actively seeking for worldwide distribution deals so that you can also be able to find the Dol Ammad CDs into physical stores apart from our fully functional e-store. More news to come soon.

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