Hyperspeed complete, break open the champagne!

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Dol Ammad

Hyperspeed complete!

After a year of hard work and amazing moments, I am relieved to announce that the new Dol Ammad album is complete. My good friend and co-producer Argy Stream once again gave the final touch to the production of the album and after the mix we have recently officially mastered the album both for CD and for a Vinyl release.

Hyperspeed complete!

That’s right Batman, you can break open the champagne now!

Argy has been involved in my music projects for more than 10 years and we have developed special communication patterns and language regarding mixing and mastering my strange hybrid music. It was great to see how we have evolved over the years and how naturally we now work into developing what I think is our best sound production so far!

Hyperspeed complete!

I am finalizing the artwork and the rest of the details and “Hyperspeed” will be off to the pressing plant very soon. Stay tuned as I unveil the epic art, a videoclip from Hyperspeed and the pre-orders of the Vinyl and CD editions.

Hyperspeed complete!

Ohhhhhh… I feel wasted….

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  1. Eva

    finally we are getting closer to the release date! Can’t wait.
    P.S. Superstar cat steals all the glory

  2. koutrouvalas

    αίντε, with the good!!!! WE r waiting!!!


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