Hyperspeed update: “Caravan Of Mars” – Lyrics

by | Jun 13, 2011 | Dol Ammad

The song “Caravan Of Mars” is turning out to be one of my favorite from the upcoming new album! The story is about Phobos – the largest of Mars’ moons. Phobos has an unusual close orbit close its father planet Mars. This means that Phobos is destined to be torn to pieces by Mars’ gravity when it will inevitably meet with the Martian atmosphere. We witness here a tribe of Phobos miners seeing an psychic-apparition that warns them of their imminent death…

Caravan Of Mars

Caravan of Mars
Crawling in the sand
Mines of Phobos
Darkest mythos
Turns the wheel

Far from the Martian grasp
The Psychic appears
And holds a map
The miners cry

Then the moonquake starts
The orbital end
A brutal law
The miners die

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  1. Carina

    Man, the spacegeek in me is fangirling. I cannot wait to hear this one!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Chris/Jeff

    Thanasis, great lyrics! Oh and by the way, these lyrics remind me of songs that belong to the grand operatic hard rock genre. Is ‘Caravan of Mars’ one of that kind?

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      Hey Chris!! Hmmm although there is a grandiose operatic feel in the songs I can’t call them “hard rock”… They feel more like epic power metal… I see where you are coming from though 😛 Cheers dude


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