Here are 3 very special songs from the upcoming Dol Ammad album. “Magus Invicta”, “Noctis Labyrinthus” and “Golden Phantasma”. They are the first songs I composed for the new album and in a way carry the general “feel” of the whole album. The songs are connected and the story is about an immortal magician who dives in the molten core of the sun to retrieve sands that fuel lightspeed space travels! OH YEAH! SCI-FI OVERKILL BABY 😛

Magus Invicta

Lightspeed eternal
Magus invicta
Follow the path to utopia

Stellar volcano
Magus invicta
Battle to gather
The sands of the sun

Cosmic dust – Solar grasp
Hyper thrust – Lightspeed past
Primal force – Endless source
Rapid fire – Tidal spire

Noctis Labyrinthus

Fallen cathedral
The maze of the night
Fallen cathedral
The dreamer awakes

In its secret walls
Those who find
The sign of Noctis
Secret walls
Those will live eternal

Golden Phantasma

Molten core
Golden Phantasma