Hyperspeed update: “Stargate Pyramid” – Lyrics

by | Jun 8, 2011 | Dol Ammad

Here are the lyrics for one of the songs in the next Dol Ammad album “Hyperspeed”. The song is called “Stargate Pyramid” and is about a strange pyramid-shaped object that appeared onto an unsuspected alien race. Their leader is deceiving them to touch and feel and enter into the object and they celebrate the event as if a God has come to them. The truth however is that the object is a trap, a portal to another world where the aliens are slaughtered and exploited…

Stargate Pyramid

Like a God it appears
Nectar flows
Calls them in
Stargate Pyramid

They all drink
They fall in ecstasy
They do not know the gate
Will bring them misery (The music)

They all dance
They sing in harmony
But now their leader hides
It is a mystery (The nectar)

Torture, Assasinate – It’s a trap
Stargate of massacre – It’s a trap

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