Metal Perspective – “Winds Of The Sun” review

by | Apr 30, 2011 | Dol Ammad

This 5 tracks EP comes in digital format only and it mainly showcases another round of collaboration between DC Cooper of Royal Hunt fame and Thanasis Lightbridge. And I say mainly, because from the 4 remaining tracks only “Birth Of A Dream” (a Jarre and Vangelis heavily influenced melody) is brand new, as “Black Winter Day” is a very reviving cover on that Amporhis’ classic cut, “Theeta Dominion” is a special take on a past Dol Ammad tune, as well as “Aquatic Majesty”, a choir only remix; both songs revisited from the “Ocean Dynamics” album and both laboured at best. So, let us focus on the eponymous song. Dol Ammad (means Castle Pillars in some bizarre Tolkien/Asian language) lyrically pay tribute to Carl Sagan, just as Daniele Liverani did a couple years back with his Cosmics project. Great minds think alike etc. Musically it leans towards the sound of electronica with keys playing a huge part. New age metal? Most likely. Certainly an epically dreamy and spacey melody, which simply sits in your head. But the real star is of course DC Cooper. The vocal power he displays can put to shame many (real many) of nowadays highly regarded singers. Though electronic driven music often sounds emotionless to the majority of hard rock/metal listeners, this is not the case here. Music full, lush and occasionally spectacular is what you get. Buy.

By Stefanos Lountzis

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