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by | Apr 21, 2013 | Dol Theeta

Dol Theeta - Logo

Following the general re-design of my website and projects, I present you with the new Dol Theeta logo.

I wanted something dreamier and more fairytale-like for Dol Theeta but retaining a certain edginess at the same time. The upcoming Dol Theeta EP will be the first to sport this new look.

Do you like it? Let me know what you think, cheers.

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  1. Raymond ODonoghue

    Hi Thanasis,
    Yeah this logo design is more suited to Dol Theeta.
    I am looking forward to the new EP

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      Indeed it’s more playful and dreamy, the next big news about the Dol Theeta EP will appear here very soon the next week! I am really excited πŸ˜›

  2. kinetic

    Dreamy is definitely the word that came to my mind – which suits Dol Theeta perfectly.

    Cannot wait to see the News about Dol Theeta πŸ˜€

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      I am working full time on it now that the site is live. We are also preparing videos for the new Dol Theeta EP. More soon, Cheers ;P

  3. Angel Martin

    heyy i like the new logo i gope that this is the begin of a new dol theeta album cause “the universe expands” is AWSOME!

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      Thank you Angel! Well for now there will be the release of the Dol Theeta EP and after that the release of the third “Dol” project. I hope you’ll like it too, Cheers πŸ™‚

      • Angel Martin

        hoo great im ask why a new dol theeta if you announced a new DOL dark project … but a new dol theeta album plus new DOL the idea would sound GREAT

        • Thanasis Lightbridge

          Yes Angel, we’ll announce the third and darker Dol project just after the release of the Keep Deep EP of Dol Theeta. Lots of new things coming up πŸ˜›


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