So yes, there was another book!

by | Jan 12, 2012 | Dol Ammad

So since most of you have watched my first spacecast, you noticed that there was another, a “Yellow” choir book that we printed and recorded together with the “Red” book that I had revealed back in August. (I am sneaky little bastard).

The concept of Cosmic Gods will be divided into these 2 (probably?!) books and into 2 separate albums entitled “Hyperspeed // Cosmic Gods – Episode 1” and “??!???!?!?! // Cosmics Gods – Episode 2”. I’ve over-used the word “Parts” in the past…. Part 1 , Part 2, Part …. so I chose the word “Episode”. Anything that is more Star-wars-y is better than anything else after all 😛

I am closing the deal for the artwork for “Hyperspeed” at the moment. The art is STUNNING!!! I still have my jaw on the floor and I can’t wait to show it to you. This is definitely Vinyl material! Cya later, Space on.

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  1. Eva

    So not only we have to wait for the first release, but then, more patience is required until the second one! And what about the artwork. The same cover for both episodes or each one will have its own. And finaly, care to reveal any clue conserning the release date Mr. Lightbridge?

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      Yes patience is one of the greatest virtues but you will have “Hyperspeed” to zone out with as you wait for the second episode ☺ Each one will have it’s own artwork and I assure you we are talking about MEGA-SUPER-EPIC Artwork! Regarding a release date, we have just finished the production and wrapping up the details before sending to the factory/pressing plant. After that it’s up to them so I guess somewhere in February/March? Thank you Mrs Eva


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