So since most of you have watched my first spacecast, you noticed that there was another, a “Yellow” choir book that we printed and recorded together with the “Red” book that I had revealed back in August. (I am sneaky little bastard).

The concept of Cosmic Gods will be divided into these 2 (probably?!) books and into 2 separate albums entitled “Hyperspeed // Cosmic Gods – Episode 1” and “??!???!?!?! // Cosmics Gods – Episode 2”. I’ve over-used the word “Parts” in the past…. Part 1 , Part 2, Part …. so I chose the word “Episode”. Anything that is more Star-wars-y is better than anything else after all 😛

I am closing the deal for the artwork for “Hyperspeed” at the moment. The art is STUNNING!!! I still have my jaw on the floor and I can’t wait to show it to you. This is definitely Vinyl material! Cya later, Space on.