The art of Werner Hornung

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Dol Theeta

The art of Werner Hornung

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about Werner Hornung, an internationally acclaimed artist and the man behind our Dol Theeta covers.

I stumbled upon Werner’s work randomly through the internet, while I was searching for artists to portray the surreal and dreamy atmospheres of the debut Dol Theeta album “The Universe Expands”. I remember having my music on the speakers while browsing and was instantly shocked when I discovered Werner’s art. His work looks like a collage of reality, dreams and nightmares to my eyes. It induces endless thoughts with its tiny details that urge you to look deeper and deeper. He takes a big feather and tickles your imagination hard 😛

I felt an instant connection with the visuals and my music and upon contacting him I discovered that apart from a huge imagination-tickler, Werner was also a very kind and friendly man. He even gave me some life advice which still ring through my ears from time to time.

From his shows and exhibitions probably the most noticeable was his co-operation with Pal Sarkozy (the father of the ex-president) with whom they proved that digital tools can produce fine art.

It was an honor to have worked with him and I urge you to look through his work here:
Werner’s Facebook page
Werner Hornung at deviantART

I’ll sign off using his favorite quote: “The better you look, the more you see”.

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