“Winds Of The Sun” released and new website!

by | Sep 22, 2010 | Dol Ammad

Dol Ammad - Winds Of The Sun

Hey everyone! Long time no see! I am happy to announce that we are back with lots of space goodies! First of all I’d like to introduce you to our completely redesigned new home here at electronicARTmetal.com. Harry Kalogirou, our new webmaster from nLogn, did an amazing job and I’m really happy to get rid our previous non-functional, spam-ridden old house.

Secondly, as some of you already know we have released a very special new Dol Ammad EP called “Winds Of The Sun”. Check out this cute Trailer to get a glimpse of our new mini voyage.

We decided to release our new EP only in digital form and although we do sell digital downloads of all of our music, this EP will only be available from other digital resellers like iTunes and Amazon. Click here to buy our new baby!

Our new website feels more functional and I will try to update it with news as often as possible, so stay in touch for frequent bits and pieces from my music and my life. Thanks for your support.

Space On!

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