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by | Nov 8, 2011 | Dol Ammad

Dol Ammad - Hyperspeed recordings (Synths)

It’s my favorite time of the year! No, it’s not X-mas, it’s Synth-mas 😛 The time has come to finally record the synthesizers for the upcoming Dol Ammad album “Hyperspeed”.

My beautiful babies were ready to be immortalized for the new Dol Ammad opus and I was so happy to fine-tune the sounds I designed the last year for “Hyperspeed”.

Thanasis recording synths for Dol Ammad

Analog sweetness and digital harshness blended together with bleeps, sweeps and arpeggios to create the perfect cosmic environment for the space journey that lies ahead.

Thanasis recording synths for Dol Ammad

The songs are taking their full shape and form and I can’t wait to show you the result. I hope by the end of the month I will have some videos ready for you. Stay tuned and Space On!

Thanasis recording synths for Dol Ammad

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  1. Eva

    Mr. Lightbridge, excellent photos and cool synth you’ ve got there. Can’ t wait for the new album, I just heard the samples. You keep getting better and better. When is the release date?
    Space on! 🙂

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      Thank you my dear Eva, I’m trying to avoid announcing a release date so that I won’t jinx it 😛 I can promise that I am working full time every day and the final album is coming really soon. Thank you for your kind words and SPACE ON!


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