Solar Eclipse 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015 in Thessaloniki

It’s this special time again when the moon comes to devour the sun! I read that it is the first eclipse to take place on the spring equinox since 1662. Here in Thessaloniki we only witnessed a small bite from the moon. Probably around 30% of the sun was covered. The day was very cold […]

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Eternal Journey - Nebular

Eternal Journey – Nebular

I was very happy when my good friend Alex Papatheodorou invited me to guest again in his latest Eternal Journey album. Alex creates very imaginative space journeys with his music which fuses prog metal with tons of other elements and I had the honor to add a few synth bleeps here and there. The new […]

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Lightbridge - Spacecast 10

Star Tales 10 Years Anniversary

It’s been 10 years since the release of Star Tales. Can you believe it? Check out my latest Spacecast #10 with some unseen footage I discovered hidden in a dusty box in the attic. I surely don’t remember who this long-haired guy is and how he evolved into that glasses-collecting weirdo. “Star Tales” is a […]

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Tiny Pineapple - Eat me!

This fruit knows the truth

I was casually browsing through the fruit and veggies section at a huge local super market warehouse (selling some not-so-local products) yesterday and I found this strange tiny little pineapple ordering me to do the most extraordinary thing: I prefer to buy more local products but I couldn’t resist the power of this simple message…

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Dol Kruug - Eat Me

Dol Kruug – Why Eat Me?

Help! Alien zombies fall from the sky starving for human meat! Apparently humans are the new delicacy in the galaxy. Easy to hunt down, self-destructive and dangerous for the planet, do we look like juicy fat pests to an intergalactic observer and a potential alien psycho butcher? PSYCHO: MMM YES, HUMANS. I LIKE THEM FLAMBE. […]

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Black cats are awesome

Black Cat Appreciation Day 2014

It’s time to appreciate the awesomeness of the black cat today! Cats of all color are awesome but this special day intends to raise awareness of the fact that age-old superstitions and age-old stupidity result in black cats being the last to be adopted in shelters and the first ones to be euthanized. Check the […]

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