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by | Feb 25, 2007 | Thanasis

Dol Ammad - Ocean Dynamics T-SHIRT

Greetings fellow space travelers!

I know it’s been long since our last update of this site and I would like to apologize for that. As some of you may already know, I am serving my time in the Greek army for the last 8 months. It is something obligatory here in Greece and it lasts for 12 months so thankfully I am getting closer to the end.

Moreover, our trusted webmaster Stamatis Kritikos is preparing a big relocation to Athens and has been awfully busy lately. That’s why I am kind of thinking to make this site more personalized with me inputting news and developments in the Dol Ammad and the “Electronica Art Metal” camp.

Regarding Dol Ammad the latest news are lots more raving reviews and interviews for “Ocean Dynamics” which has been received very well from the media and the people. I thank you all for that! I have placed some reviews roughly in the forum section of the site and I plan to register them more organized in the specific review section when I find the time.

With Electronicartmetal Records we have secured our first physical distributors for Dol Ammad. These include “Disk Union” and “World Chaos” distributors for Japan and “Code7 – Plastic Head” distribution for the U.K. This means that the CDs will start to appear in record stores apart from their online availability which is something great. For our Greek friends I would like to inform them that the Dol Ammad CDs are also available from the “Rock City” chain of record stores and that we now also accept COD (Cash On Delivery) orders if you require. Just send us an email with your order and address.

The streaming of “Ocean Dynamics” in the “Heavy-Law” website was a total success for us. More than 1400 listeners logged in that day to listen to Dol Ammad , which was the webzine’s second best number! (Thanks Antoine ;-P)

I have some more exciting news, we are in the process of preparing 2 new T-shirt designs for Dol Ammad! These will include an “Ocean Dynamics” shirt and a “Thalassa Dominion” design dedicated to the 4 part opus that dominates almost half of our second album. The shirts should be ready in March and will be added in our E-store.

As most of you must know, I am currently working on the second project of the “Electronica Art Metal” concept. I can officially announce that it will be a more atmospheric and psychedelic project than Dol Ammad and it will feature me , Dim and Kortessa in the line-up. It is another side of my hybrid-music vision and I am sure most of the Dol Ammad fans will also enjoy greatly. We will of course prepare a new website and new presentation as soon as the name and everything is in place with a clear path created. I wish I can unveil more news as soon as possible…

The Dol Ammad myspace page has been very active lately and I am very happy with that. Lots of new friends appear every day and I will try to find the time to unlock all the potential of the myspace formula. Any advice and suggestions are more than welcome for any aspect of this official website, the forum and the myspace page.

This site has surpassed the 100.000 visits, an honest number that counts from the beginning of this site in April 2002!

Thank you once again from my heart for your steadfast support.

Space On!

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