Dol Kruug “Watch Me” teaser

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Dol Kruug

Here is a little teaser I put together for the extras included in the homemade Dol Kruug BD-R “Watch Me”. Apart from the 10 “Eat Me” video clips in HD quality, “Watch Me” includes 40 minute exclusive extras of the making of the album and visuals.

Dol Kruug - Watch Me

The Dol Kruug duo hard at work

Dol Kruug - Watch Me

Hungry musicians eat the props after the shoot

Dol Kruug - Watch Me

Building the set for Game Over Human

Dol Kruug - Watch Me

Automation drawing fun times

Dol Kruug - Watch Me

Jorgen practicing unhealthy singing techniques

Dol Kruug - Watch Me

“Watch Me” also includes a signed photo of me and Jorgen, a glow-in-the-dark button and maybe some cat bites or cat hair…Get it here.

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