Endorsement by Hohner

by | Dec 4, 2008 | Thanasis


One of the oldest and greatest music instrument manufacturers in the world, the German company Hohner, has honored me and my music with an endorsement!

Founded in 1857 and based in Germany, Hohner is mainly known for their accordions and melodicas but also make great other instruments like guitars, recorders and more. They have a great reputation for high class manufacturing and production and their products are used by countless professional artists around the world.

Yesterday I received two instruments from Hohner, one of which is an ultra sexy limited edition melodica! It is a Piano 32 Jubilee 50th Anniversary model and with its black and red keys looks absolutely stunning!

I will prepare photos with me and these instruments and will send them over to Hohner to be included in their worldwide promotion plan and also to you so you can enjoy mr Lightbridge rocking with his new toys!

I want to thank my good friend Chrystof Niederwieser from Hohner Germany who made this endorsement a reality. I am really honored!

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