Facebook pages for each Dol project

by | Oct 2, 2013 | Thanasis

It has been some time now that I have received requests from friends and personally realized that my projects are un-discoverable in (the necessary evil that is) Facebook. This is why I have just finished creating a separate Facebook page for each one. Here is the Dol Ammad page and here is the Dol Theeta page.

*Update 08/03/16* And here is the Dol Kruug page

My personal Lightbridge page will of course remain as the central hub of my operations and you can also find me in my non-page facebook profile.

Getting all these pages and virtual-fingers out of the way, you might have guessed that I have been locked in the studio without any news for some time, and you would have guessed right! I am hard at work with the third “Dol” project which has brought pure madness in my brain and life. I really can’t wait to share it with you. I will update the site as soon as possible with an upcoming Spacecast revealing the name of the project and more details. Gotta get back in the studio-bat-cave, stay cosmic!

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