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by | Dec 13, 2012 | Thanasis

What exciting times the last months have been. Harry and I completed the release of Flycraft and the little game which started as a one-month contest marathon has become a success and we are determined to evolve it in many more ways in the future. The game is released exclusively for the BlackBerry Playbook (and very soon for the upcoming BB10 phone-revelation that RIM is preparing to unveil). It has been the #1 paid game in the BlackBerry AppWorld and has received more than 300 positive reviews. Check out the game’s trailer we have prepared:

The game triggers your imagination to build any flying machine you can come up with using various building blocks. Your progress is determined by the distance you can cover flying your creation but you can always enjoy seeing our little ladybug hero Herbie crashing like a boss in countless ways imaginable!

Check out some screenshots from the game:

You can use orange soda cans or massive rockets for extra thrust:

You can build a spaceship:

Or any wacky vehicle you can imagine:

You can make fine tune your aeronautic skills:

Or just have fun crashing like a boss:

We believe the game challenges your brain for lots of hours of crafting funny flying machines and we can’t wait to see your own creations. We’ll keep updating the game with cool new stuff, Harry already finished an amazing replay system that let’s you revisit your epic flights or crashes.

All in all if you have a lovely BlackBerry Playbook don’t forget to check out Flycraft! Here are the links you’d need:

Official Flycraft Page
Flycraft Facebook Page
Flycraft at BB AppWorld

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