Halfway there with FlyCraft

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Thanasis

FlyCraft game halfway there

The last 2 weeks me and Harry were locked in our caves planning our upcoming new game “Flycraft”. He is lost behind infinite lines of code (it looks just like “the matrix”) and I spend my day and nights designing and refining the art parts of the game. It has been a crazy ride up to today and although we have made big progress, I can reveal that I am VERY stressed with the Ludum Dare Contest clock ticking like the doomsday clock above my head…

Concerning the game itself, the idea is to make a fun crafting game that features a chubby little ladybug called Herbie (yes, he is a BOY ladybug :P) who uses all sorts of gadgets and materials to create flying machines so he can fly from one flower to other. You see, he is too cool (and bored) to fly with his own wings like the other loser ladybugs 😛


There are still 2 weeks left for the contest to end and we have tons more work to do. What makes us really happy however is that the game, even in its primitive current form, is tons of fun to play! We have setup a launch page for the game here: http://www.flycraftgame.com/ and you are all invited to sign up and get updates. If you’d like to share it to your friends too, you’ll have a chance to be included in the credits among the top 5 referrers!

So stay in touch, I am off to my crayons and digital painting madness (the music recordings will start the next days too) and we’ll catch up very soon with the development of fly-craft-mania 😛

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