New Album! New Label! New Website!

by | Aug 11, 2006 | Thanasis

electronicARTmetal Records

It is with great pleasure that I would like to present you with a new Dol Ammad experience!

• New Album!

Our second album “Ocean Dynamics” is officially released in the 30th of August 2006. “Ocean Dynamics”, a journey into the unexplored mysteries of the seas, includes 10 tracks of aquatic magic waiting to be unveiled. Once again our new album is released in a high-quality art-filled package, with a 20-page booklet featuring stunning art from Australian artist Andrew Ostin, who uses the “flames” technique.

• New Label!

Dol Ammad have signed to the only record label that could truly understand our vision: our own! I am happy to announce that we have formed the Electronicartmetal Records label to officially produce, promote and distribute the music of Dol Ammad and my future projects. Through this route I have achieved total artistic freedom, on-time release dates and deliveries and above all peace of mind! I can now focus to what is truly important: the music.

Through Electronicartmetal Records Stamatis Kritikos (one of the key members behind Dol Ammad!) has set up a very functional e-store that will handle all your orders with free worldwide shipping.

Ocean Dynamics will be initially available only on-line through our e-store. In-store distribution is under construction for the near future.

• New Website!

Since the demise of our previous website due to some very unprofessional people behind servers, Stamatis Kritikos also did some great work to create a new powerful website to house all things related to Dol Ammad. Our new forum is waiting for you to register and start posting! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding this new Dol Ammad experience!

In addition to the Dol Ammad site, as many of you might already know, we have formed a My Space page for Dol Ammad at It will also serve as a Dol Ammad radio station since there you will be able to listen to full tracks, which will change from time to time, so that you can fully experience the Dol Ammad music.

• Personal Thoughts

Since the release of Star Tales, the last one and a half year has been a very busy period for me and Dol Ammad with many ups and downs, including some very exciting and unfortunately some very disappointing moments.

On one hand we have successfully created our second opus with an updated lineup. New members in the choir, a new guitarist, Alex Holzwarth’s super-tight and very challenging drumming, and of course the amazing performance of DC Cooper in the song “Aquatic Majesty” (as well as in another track that will appear in the near future!), were all moments that I will always treasure in my heart.

On the other hand the unfruitful corporation with our previous record label, the lack of serious offers from other labels and the demise of our previous website were moments that often had me facing a dead end.

However, the universal power of music as well as your support is so much greater than all those obstacles, that we are now free from any negative energy still stubbornly creative and forever optimistic!

I would like to thank you all for your support. I hope you’ll enjoy our new album and embark into countless mind-trips through it. A new adventurous world awaits you!

Submerge in Aquaphonics!

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