Paranormal poke-ctivity

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Batman, Thanasis

Paranormal poke-ctivity

I got poked by a spirit today morning…Yes, you’ve heard me say lots of wacky things but I swear that this is 100% true and did indeed happen while I had my full conscience. We were snoozing as usual with Batman in the morning, he was wide awake since it was his breakfast time and he was making his usual squeaky lovely noises. I was also awake, just enjoying the morning under the duvet and would get up in a minute, WHEN SUDDENLY……!!! I got poked four (yes 4) times on my back by an invisible finger!!! The feeling was exactly the same as a human finger poking to get your attention or to ask for the time.

I jumped out instantly turning to my left to see who was there but I only saw my wardrobe…Batman remained calm (only worried by my shocked reaction). I’ve been suffering from insomnia the last months and I am under medication that got me to finally sleep this week. I checked the drugs but there was no mention to any invisible-poke side-effects. If this was a spirit however, I felt a very positive vibe from it. It was like a warm warning for something…

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