Re-discovering Vinyl

by | Apr 15, 2011 | Batman, Thanasis

I recently re-discovered my love for vinyl records! I bought a shinny new limited edition ceramic white turntable and after a 3000 CD collection I am starting to buy vinyl again. My last time was somewhere in the early 90’s I think. Boy! what an amazing experience vinyl records are… Huge artwork, full sound spectrum, the fact that you have to turn the sides (so pay attention to the music, it’s not just for background use :P) and also the amazing visual feedback that you have with the spinning record in front of you. It’s like you can “see” the music sing for you!

Re-discovering vinyl

And when you add a little E-va (from Wall-e) on top of the spinning record, the experience of watching my cat’s Batman eyes amazed by this marvelous spinning music thing is priceless! Hmmm… anybody out there interested for Dol Ammad / Dol Theeta vinyl releases?

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  1. Cédric 'The Keeper'

    “anybody out there interested for Dol Ammad / Dol Theeta vinyl releases?”

    Yes !! but not classical vinyl, i want a beautiful vinyl with the artworks !

    • Thanasis Lightbridge

      If I find the money I will release the best possible vinyl with uber-artworks, space-perfume and limited edition cosmic dust sprinkled on top 😛

  2. Charilaos Kalogirou

    [comment removed after causing lots of sort-circuits to the server due to excessice drooling]


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