Rob Papen synthesizers endorse Thanasis Lightbridge

by | Jun 11, 2012 | Thanasis

Rob Papen

I am happy to announce that I was recently honored by an endorsement from Rob Papen and his amazing line of synthesizers, instruments and effects. Rob Papen is a phenomenal programmer, musician and sound designer and his instruments are truly inspirational to tons of musicians worldwide. Some of his most well known synthesizers are “Predator”, “Albino”, “Blue”, “SubBoomBass” and the recently released new beast “Blade”, a unique additive synthesis system that uses the very spacey and cosmic looking (and sounding) “Harmolator”.

Rob Papen logo

I am a huge fan and user of Rob Papen instuments, you can hear their distinctive sound in all my Dol Ammad albums and especially in the Dol Theeta – “The Universe Expands” album. I had the pleasure to meet Rob in person back in the 2009 Musikmesse in Frankfurt where he was showcasing the “SubBoomBass” synth and It was so nice to see that apart from a genius programmer Rob was also a great guy! Here is a photo of us back in my hairy days 😛 :

Rob Papen - Thanasis Lightbridge 2009

I am currently preparing a special Remix song to celebrate this friendship with Rob Papen, where I will only use sounds from Rob’s instruments. Expect a free download and a music video for this special song very soon!

Thank you Rob! May you keep inspiring the music world with your wonderful sounds!

Rob Papen - Explorer 2

Check out the Rob Papen website here:

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