A great surprise awaited me while I opened my PO Box yesterday. My great friend Cedric sent me a lovely fleece blanket that displays our beloved video game hero Sonic the Hedgehog!

The blanket couldn’t have arrived at a better time, since it has been rather chilly lately especially during the nights and it has helped me concentrate better with my urgent task of completing the Dol Kruug release. The Sonic design is outstanding and it re-triggers my desire to wonder where Sega will take their franchise with the upcoming Sonic Boom game.

Space friends keep each other warm

Cedric has an excellent French metal webzine called Magic Fire Music and a cat named Raoul. Thank you very much my friend, I wish all the best for the new year to you, Angelique and your lovely fur-ball. Gotta go before Batman calls dibs on the blanket again 😛