We are making a game!

by | Oct 4, 2012 | Thanasis

Flycraft concept art

Wot?! Oh yes, my dear friend Harry Kalogirou and I will work together on a new video game. In fact we are even taking part in the Ludum Dare October challenge so we only have 1 month to conceive and create it! Check out our announcement post at the Ludum Dare website.

After a huge brainstorming session some days ago we chose a game code-named “Flycraft” among many ideas. We will reveal all the production steps as the game unfolds the following days, but for now I can reveal that as the title suggests the game will be a crafting – flying fun game.

Harry will be taking care of the coding and I will be in charge of graphics and music/sfx. More news here as the work progresses…

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