Dol Ammad and Grav game epic space mashup

Dol Ammad and Grav game epic space mashup

I recently discovered an amazing new indie game from Bitmonster Games (thanx Logan :P) The game is called Grav and is a space action survival open world game that blew my mind!

It would be a dream come true if I could ever get to compose music for such a beautiful and epic game. Until then, I took the liberty to put together a mashup music video using the official Grav trailers and gameplay footage with the music of Dol Ammad’s – Caravan Of Mars.

Here are the videos and game players channels that I used:

GRAV – Top 10 Epic Things! – Jetpacks, Monocycles, Fortresses – Grav Gameplay (1080p HD).mp4

Let´s Play GRAV (Staffel 2) #038 – Rückreise unterbrochen!! – Gameplay german [Full HD].mp4

GRAV Gameplay ➤ Boss Fights & New Weapon!.mp4

GRAV-Dance D.mp4

Don’t forget to discover the amazing game Grav here: and to support indie game developers and indie space musicians!

Space on.